Stop Power Of Sale Solutions

Are you behind on your mortgage and your bank is currently about to take legal action? Jaime Vilas, Your Alternative Lending Specialist can help. We understand that homeowners can find themselves in difficult situations – including a power of sale.

A power of sale also referred to as a foreclosure, is a clause in your mortgage contract with your lender that provides them with authority to sell your home in the event you default on your mortgage payment. A foreclosed property is then sold by the lender to recover the losses from the defaulted loan.

We know you don’t want to lose your home, and we can help you stop the power of sale. Our Stop Power of Sale program is designed exclusively for those clients who are currently under the power of sale or have been issued a demand letter from their bank or mortgage lender. We specialize in providing alternative financing to good people with this unique situation or circumstance, and we can help you find a solution that will allow you to keep your home.